Too Much Climate Change For Ya?

Mik Muller, Sept 19, 2023

Recently I've read in these pages that some of my fellow neighbors are fed up with all this talk of Climate Change. I mean, it still snows in winter, right? Hmmm, maybe not.

Want to know for sure? Call up your local ski resort and ask them how they're doing. Or your local farmer. Call up your insurance agent and ask them how their industry views the "climate crisis" and how it could change your coverage, and why. Call up the power company and ask them what they think, and whether they're taking any steps to mitigate the future. Call up the Republican mayor of Miami and ask what he thinks about rising seas.

The problem is that the changes are happening so slowly over time, it's hard to see a difference from year to year with the naked eye. You need to look beyond Senator Inhofe's snowball stunt and Fox News' daily chortle to actual weather data that's been kept since the year 1880 at multiple locations throughout the world. The people that pay attention to this stuff and know what they're talking about can see it, and they're saying boy are we in for a ride. Even GE is on board, for crying out loud.

The argument the deniers rally behind -- and, yes, you're a denier if you don't see the obvious -- is that China and Russia aren't doing anything about it, so why should we. My answer is always, well, China and Russia are about to jump off a cliff. Should we, too? I say no. Just because they are doing nothing, doesn't mean we should, too. That would be foolish. This is an opportunity to lead... away from the cliff.

All hands on deck!

Mik Muller lives in Greenfield and worries about the world his grand kids will inherit from us.