Letter: Trump and Executive Privilege

Mik Muller, Greenfield Recorder. May 8, 2019

How nice for our president, that he can block the release of the full report of the investigation into his campaign and foreign business entanglements and possible wrong-doings.

I wonder what's in the report that he's so worried about, that he has to stop people from reading it? Or his taxes? Under audit? Please. None of us are that stupid.

Boy, I tell you what. If Clinton or Obama tried to block the report of an investigation into their possible wrong-doings, the Conservative Media would call for rioting in the streets, and Hannity would have daily, raving, bellicose kinipshins on live TV, veins bulging on his head. Alex Jones' head would literally explode, and Citizen Trump would start a new TV network just about that one issue (remember the "birther" movement he started?). "Treason!" they would all shout in unison. And rightly so.

Yet conservatives, the self-proclaimed defenders of the constitution and its original intent of avoiding a monarchy-like government that could routinely get away with anything, sit blithely back in their comfy chairs, gleefully calling "case closed."

Anyone supporting glossing-over of the litany of offenses already present in the redacted release, and the cover-up of what has still yet to come to light, should be ashamed of themselves. And if you're not, I'm ashamed for you.

Release the full report. Release his tax returns. There most assuredly is something criminal in there, or the cabal would not be trying to shut it down.

Mik Muller