Letter: Calling Democrats Evil

Greenfield Recorder, January 26, 2023

I take exception to Mr. Grant’s use of the word "evil" when describing democrats in his letter to this paper on January 21.

This country is deeply divided along political lines, and the situation is not helped when people write letters to their local paper declaring one political party is "evil."

I understand the sensitive and controversial nature of abortion, but I thought the republican party was against big government, and especially intrusive government. What can be more intrusive than the government mandating women be forced to bear children? Does this not reduce them to chattel or some other baby-making machine by the state? Are you calling the millions upon millions of women in this country "evil" if they want to have control over their own bodies? What if they were made pregnant against their will? I thought this was the land of the free, not religious tyranny.

My advice to those deeply entrenched in this cycle of hatred for your neighbors: stop watching Fox News. Or, if you’re addicted to their style of sensationalized 24-hour "alerts" like a four-year-old with candy, expand your news diet by also watching PBS News or CBS News, which has a great show called RedBlue. Or take a visit with liberal leaning churches in our area and talk with the people to hear their truth. You will see they are not evil. Maybe that will help you remember, love thy neighbor.

Stop spreading hate, please.

Mik Muller, Greenfield